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There is nothing as exciting as an outdoor adventure. When it comes to outdoor activities, then this covers many areas like climbing, sports, camping and so on. But is it possible to have a wonderful outdoor adventure without great outdoor equipments? Certainly not! To match all the adventure equipment needs we have Evergreen Adventure which deals in outdoor equipments for camping, climbing, emergency and safety gears, water sports, army collection and other outdoor related equipments. Evergreen began their journey through a modest start in a small showroom in the year 1993. Since then the company has not looked back and presently has twelve outlets spread across Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Apart from the above mentioned outdoor gear products, Evergreenalso provides services which cover manufacturing and printing of customized T-shirts. This service is available for customers of all the ranges be it Hypermarkets, Companies, Schools as well as Universities. Apart from this the company also offers services for building facilities for obstacle courses and few projects are seen in locations like Gopeng, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and more. So next time you decide to hit outdoors do not forget to equip yourself with these amazing and useful outdoor gear Malaysia products.

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Adventure is a word that has different definitions for different people. It has its own limits, boundaries, and precincts. But what have proven to be most preferred form of fun for a majority of people are outdoor activities and adventures. The most common type of outdoor adventures in Malaysia are hiking and trekking. While they may have some risks associated with them, they are worth every minute of effort. And there are always necessary precautions that one can take while embarking on an outdoor adventure.

One of the most important and perhaps the most fundamental precaution you can take is to prepare adequately for the trip. This is the most effective way of preventing any mishaps on the trip. The preparation for this begins with gaining adequate knowledge of the area, the weather, and terrain. This helps you prepare for the food and clothing needs along with other medical needs as per requirement.

Travelling with company – this is another tip that comes in extremely handy while you are on an outdoor trip. Though being a solo traveler has its perks, travelling with a companion can be pretty fun too. It adds a little fun and also comes in handy in case of an emergency. But be sure to take a responsible person with you. Also, you must leave your itinerary with someone you trust, the police, and the park ranger.

Yes, adventures like trekking and hiking do not have a scheduled itinerary. The itinerary in this case refers to a kit that includes your trip plan (as distorted as it might be), your license plate number, equipment you’re carrying with yourself, emergency contact, and radio frequency along with your expected date of return. Now that you have taken in the basics, you must also know how to prepare for a good trip. It is important to carry the necessary equipment with you. When you are embarking on an outdoor adventure, you need to carry outdoor gear with you.

In adventures like trekking and hiking, outdoor gear such as organizers, duffels, rolling luggage, and travel packs. These outdoor gears help you organize your trip by giving you a spacious product that stores almost everything you will need in this trip. But choosing the perfect outdoor gear for your trip is also an art. It is imperative that you choose an outdoor gear which is suitable and serves your needs for the trip. You should pick an outdoor gear that is spacious, but also light-weight. Since you will be carrying it on your shoulder or waist for the entire trip, its weight should be something you can handle. Moreover, your outdoor gear should be of a good make. Come on, you can not afford to experiment-test an infant brand when you are going into the woods or on the top of the mountains. So carry a gear from a brand that you trust.

Your sleeping pad would be your next outdoor gear – that is if you wish to spend the night in the woods or mountains, of course. The wise choice here, given the latest and innovative models available, would be to choose a sleeping pad that comes in unit with your duffel bag. But, if you don’t find it or wish to carry the two things separately, you can go for either air or foam pads as they both serve the purpose equally good.

The next outdoor gear would be a tent. Choosing a tent is comparatively a complex process. The first you need to ask yourself is “where will I set my tent down?” The surface where the tent is supposed to be set such as snow, mud, sand, or earth, affects the choice of you tent. The last gear would be your clothes. While this is not an outdoor gear as per definition, its choice is important because the temperature, terrain and the weather affect the fabric choice. For instance, wearing cotton in the backcountry will kill you. The smart choice would be synthetic. Be sure to study about the conditions that you will be hiking in, in order to determine the clothes you should carry with yourself.

There will never be a step-by-step guide for a safe and successful hiking. The tips mentioned in this article are only a collection of things that may be considered as a check-list for a hiking or trekking adventure. Your presence of mind and a little bit of common sense is what determines the success of your hiking adventure.