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Deuter Malaysia – Backpacks, Bags, Outdoor Gear at Best Price

More than just a backpack brand, Deuter has been around for more than 30 years. It offers an extensive range of products, from backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, outdoor apparels, camping equipment, water equipment, climbing equipment, to emergency & safety gears.

Deuter Story

The company began operations in 1898, under the lead of Hans Deuter. In 1910, there was an increasing demand for backpacks, belts, store tents, and satchels. This became a major project for Deuter.

Fast forward to 58 years later, in 1968, Deuter started to produce nylon backpacks. Soon after, nylon became the new trend for fabric backpacks. Just within 3 years, Deuter was recognised as the market leader of Germany manufacturing sector for backpacks, suitcases, and bags.

Presently, Deuter continues to come up with new innovations to provide the best that they can for their customers. This also includes using the top-quality material for their products and serving the customers with their top-notch service.

Types of Deuter Backpacks

Deuter’s backpacks are designed to bring comfort to users. This led them to come up with six different systems of bags to suit the needs of everyone. Below, we will be sharing the six types of their hot-selling product, backpacks.

Deuter Aircomfort

In the Aircomfort system, it has a mesh backing to allow maximum airflow. This will create a space between the backpack and the user’s back for ventilation. Hip fins are also featured in this type of backpack to allow an even load to be distributed. After a research done by Research Institute Hohenstein, it was found that there was a decrease in perspiration level of 25%.

Deuter Aircontact

The main idea of Aircontact is to bring the heaviest part of the pack closer to the user so as to lighten the weight. The back padding of the backpack also allows for air ventilation, which is similar to that of Aircomfort.

Deuter Airstripes

Airstripes is made for mountain bikers and cyclers who are touring the place. It has a flexible aluminium frame which is adjustable to every user and also minimised contact surface to allow air to circulate. This pack is designed to be close to the user’s body so that the user will not be off-balance during the ride.

Deuter Alpine

Designed for comfort, functionality, durability, and lightweight, Alpine is able to adapt to the user’s movements. The sleek shape, comfort, and softback pads are what makes it stand out from the other types of backpack systems.

Deuter Contact

Out of all the backpacks, the only one that has ergonomically shaped back cushion is Deuter Contact. According to Terence, an SEO Specialist and outdoor lover, the back padding allows the backpack to take on the shape of the user’s back and distribute the load evenly. 3D air mesh lining are also present in this pack to allow user’s back to be able to “breathe”.

Deuter Lite

Lite is suited for those who want to carry light to medium loads, be it high among the mountains or on the forest ground. Despite the lightweight of the backpack, comfort and durability are not compromised at all, just like any of Deuter’s backpacks.

Where to Buy Deuter Products in Malaysia?

You can now buy Deuter products in Malaysia from the official distributor, Evergreen Adventure. Shop wide range of Deuter backpacks, Deuter bags and Deuter travel gear now.