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If you are new to camping and not entirely sure of what you might need for your trip, then you might feel overwhelmed the first time you go looking for camping gear.

Camping gear is a big market with many players which means that there is plenty of camping gear to choose from. Despite the numerous options available, you should get only the right camping gear for your particular trip. Over packing might make the trip more cumbersome and expensive that it needs to be.

It is important to determine the right items that you will need for your camping trip. Depending on the length and stay of your trip, the essentials on your camping list will vary. Moreover, your comfort level will also affect the camping gear that you will carry.

Start by thinking of the basic essential such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, drinking mugs, plates, flashlights etc. When thinking of essentials, think of plainly as these are items that you truly need to survive. Once you write all the primary items down, work up from there.

At this point, you will probably add the comfort items that you would like to carry. These may include items such as air mattresses, sunscreen, etc. When making a list of the camping gear that you will need, keep in mind the number of people you will be camping with.

Two critical items that you will need to pay special attention to when organizing your camping gear are your camping boots and your sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag is essential requirement for any outdoor trip. Be sure that you pick one with the most appropriate temperature rating i.e. the lowest temperature rating you expect to encounter when you are out camping.

Your camping boots will certainly make or break your camping trip. If you truly want to enjoy the outdoors, you will need to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

However, this is only enjoyable if you have the right camping boots. Your everyday shoes won’t be of use when out camping. In fact, if you keep using them, your feet might form blisters or sores. As such, be sure to pick only hiking or camping boots that can withstand the toughest conditions.